Family Transfer Service

Getting you to where you need to be with care, dignity and zero fuss!

  • Professional Caring Staff

    Professionally trained ambulance staff to match your individual requirements.

  • No Waiting

    No shared transfers, unnecessary early pick ups or waiting for hours to get a lift home.

  • Dignity & Respect

    Treating your or your relative as one of our own family.

  • Sensitive & Supportive Care

    When patients are travelling by ambluance they may feel vulnerable — we are happy for a family member to accompany a patient when required.

Find out all about the Family Transfer Service:


Home to Hospital

Organise your transfer from home to hospital for those important hospital appointments that you or your relative can't get to due to your medical condition.

How It Works

Find out how simple it is to organise your transfer. Don't be left waiting around or worse still, actually miss your appointment and have your treatment delayed by months.

Special Events

Transportation to any special events, such as an important family occasion, that you or your relative can't get to due to your particular medical condition.

Book Now

Book your transfer now and give yourself the peace of mind you and your family deserve!

Family Transfers

At Proparamedics we offer our patients a reliable transfer service designed around you and your individual care needs.

Have you, or a family member, ever missed an important hospital appointment because transport wasn't available to get you there on time? Once booked we will not let you down.

As Northern Ireland’s leading independent ambulance service, Proparamedics is well known for event medical cover, first aid training courses and medical repatriations.

We are also a Health & Social Care NI (HSCNI) approved supplier for non-emergency patient transfers.

Home to Hospital

If you or a family member need to get to an important hospital appointment and private taxi hire is unsuitable, get in touch and we will make sure you get to your appointment safely and on time.

You can also be assured that we do not do shared transfers so you won’t have to wait to be collected and then share a transfer with others. Nor will you be collected at the crack of dawn and then have to sit for hours for your appointment and / or wait for hours to be collected to go home again.

We will be there to collect you or your parent on time, whilst at the same time treating you with both dignity and care.

If requested, our staff can remain with you or your parent until the time of the appointment. Alternatively, we will give you a number to call once finished and we will return to take you home within an agreed timeframe

If you or a family member is:

  • Elderly
  • Infirm
  • Chronically Ill
  • Bariatric
  • In need of more specialised transportation

    Get in touch and we will make sure your healthcare treatment isn’t delayed by missing an important appointment and going to the bottom of the queue to wait until the next available slot

Special Events

Perhaps you or your family member would like to attend an important family occasion, visit a special location or see a crucial sporting or entertainment fixture, but can’t make it due to the complications of a chronic health condition?

At Proparamedics our specialist medical team can help you get to:

  • Weddings
  • Christenings
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Funerals
  • Other important family events
  • Vital cup matches
  • Concerts

Get in touch so that our trained staff can take the strain and let you or your parent enjoy the moment.

How It Works...

Whatever obstacles or concerns you feel may be in the way and stopping you or a relative from getting to hospital appointments or important family events, we are known for our “can do” approach when it comes to looking after our patients and getting them to where they want to go.


  • Easy To Book
    All you need to do is click the button opposite, supply your contact details and we will be in touch to arrange the transfer.
  • Our Approach
    Proparamedics staff all live by the same code and strongly believe that no matter whom all patients should be treated as if they were a member of our own family.
  • Professional Staff
    Our staff are professionally trained medics and we can offer Ambulance Support, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), Nurses and Paramedics, depending on individual requirements.
  • No Waiting
    No early pick ups to accommodate other people and no waiting for a return trip home. Our Family Transfer Service is built around our patients and we will agree a timetable that suits your individual needs!
  • No Shared Transfers
    All our family transfers are built around our patients and their specific needs. A family member can travel with you although our staff are more than happy to act on your family's behalf.
  • Female Crews available on request
    For some female patients we find that an all female crew can make them feel more at ease. Where possible we can provide this on request.
  • Friendly, Personal Service
    All our staff are there because they want to be, not because they have to be. They enjoy meeting new people and with their many years of experience they know how to put a patient at ease no matter the circumstances.
  • Dignity & Respect
    At Proparamedics we take pride in our work and don’t just see our patients as a package to be delivered from A to B. We see the human story attached and strive to ensure the utmost care for our patients at all times. We treat our patients with dignity and respect and do what it takes to make them feel comfortable and get them to where it is they want to go with the minimum amount of fuss involved.