Caring For Your Elderly Parent At Home

Find out what you need to consider when caring for your elderly parent.

  • help them maintain their comfort & independence
  • are they receiving everything they are entitled to?
  • ensure your parents receive the right medication at the right time what about their safety & security?
  • how will your parent get to their important hospital appointments?
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The Family Transfer Service

If you are concerned with how your elderly or infirm relative is able to get to their important hospital appointments get in touch and Proparamedics will help you to work out the most appropriate way.

With almost 30 ambulances on the roads Proparamedics is Northern Ireland's leading independent ambulance service serving the length and breadth of the country.

From assisting the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service with non-emergency calls when they are at capacity, or providing medical event cover for over 300 sporting & entertainment events across the year, we are well known for our can-do, patient-first approach.

Our staff are well known for their professionalism along with their ability to build rapport - no matter the circumstances.

With Proparamedics you can be sure that you and your parents are always in a safe pair of hands!


Home To Hospital

Our Professionally Trained Medics will get you to your appointments on time and home again with the minimum of fuss


Special Events

Whether it is a special Birthday, a family Wedding or that event you've always promised yourself — we've got you covered!


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Proparamedics is renowned for our patient-centric approach. We treat every patient as if they were one of our own

We'll Get You Or Your Loved Ones To Your Important Appointments On Time!

Don't let your medical treatment suffer or be delayed just because you can't get to your appointment on time.

No matter your medical condition our professionally trained medical staff will get you to your appointment on time PLUS no waiting time when you want to get home again!

At Proparamedics, we're here to help!

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What our customers have to say

With a chronically ill Father needing to relocate from a hospital in England back to Northern Ireland, we didn't know what to do and if it wasn't for Proparamedics we would have been lost.

From the empathy and rapport of their staff to the sheer scale of their planning and organisation to ensure the trip went smoothly for my Father, they had everything covered.

The regular communication with me at various stages of the journey also gave me peace of mind that my father was in safe hands.

I would have no trouble whatsoever recommending Proparamedics and the Family Transfer Service.

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