Why Is Safeguarding Important?

Posted by Proparamedics

15 April 2019

Safeguarding has become such an important topic for organisations of all shapes and sizes to get a handle on if their work engages with children or adults at risk. Whilst it may be easy for some people to roll their eyes and the think that Safeguarding is a made up term and that old-fashioned common sense will see them through, it is important to acknowledge that everyone in a position of authority and with access to children or adults at risk needs to treat Safeguarding seriously and in a professional manner at all times.

If you have, or indeed know, a child or adult at risk you will naturally assume that any organisations they engage with, be they a sports club or youth organisation, will treat them well and provide a safe and supportive environment for them to participate in. If something did happen you would also assume that the organisation will have appropriate processes and procedures to try and prevent a situation occurring, deal with a potential situation swiftly and professionally should it happen and then learn from the experience to ensure that it won’t happen again. These assumptions are pretty much givens, however, unfortunately we all know that at a National level this is not always the case - hence the importance and urgency for Safeguarding matters to be given due consideration and respect at all times!


Sport is such an important part of a child’s development that their participation and enjoyment must be protected at all times and systems and procedures put in place to limit the potential of a situation arising, and that if it does, the child’s welfare is at the forefront at all times and everyone knows what their particular roles are to deal with it effectively for all concerned. The team at Proparamedics has therefore prepared a comprehensive guide to Safeguarding Your Sports Club in a bid to help sports clubs approach safeguarding and put the necessary processes and procedures in place in order to protect their members.


To find out more about our Safeguarding training, please get in touch with the Proparamedics ‘Training & Education Centre’. Alternatively, you may wish to download your FREE copy of our “Guide To Safeguarding Your Sports Club” by clicking on the link below and entering your email address so that we can email it to you.