Treasured Moments On Your Wedding Day

Posted by Heather Hamill

23 August 2018

The time has come - You have finally met the love of your life and are soon to be married at a beautiful ceremony followed by a glittering reception shared with all your nearest and dearest family and friends.

The plans are in place:


  •  Church booked
  •  Flowers organised
  •  Dress bought
  •  Groom’s suit hired
  •  Reception booked
  •  Cake baked
  •  Entertainment organised
  •  Photographer ready


Before you know it you will soon be Mr & Mrs dancing the night away…

Everything is sorted, with the exception of just one thing…


A special loved one is missing due to health or mobility issues, perhaps at home or in a home or hospice and cannot make it on the day.

You tell yourself there is nothing you can do and resign yourself to calling in with them before the big day to let them know your plans.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…


Your Wedding Day is one of the biggest day’s of your life so why shouldn’t you have everyone with you to share in your treasured moments?

With this in mind Proparamedics has designed the Family Transfer Service to ensure your loved ones can get to and from your venue with the appropriate level of medical supervision for the duration of the event and once the event is over will return them safely at a time that suits them. Stay overs can also be arranged for weddings further afield.


It was the peace of mind that made it a small price to pay on a milestone day…

Mr & Mrs C, Family Wedding 2018.

At the time of booking simply tell us about your loved one’s care requirements and we will match our staff so that they can continue to receive the appropriate level of assistance throughout the day.


The Family Transfer Service is designed to be built around your loved ones needs. Whether it is simply a case of assisted transport to and from the venue or more complex medical transfers requiring oxygen and more proactive care, we will provide the necessary supervision and treatment to suit their requirements. At Proparamedics we can provide all levels of support from First Aid Personnel to paramedics.


No matter the circumstances, you can be reassured in the knowledge that your loved one is in the safe hands of Proparamedics, Northern Ireland’s leading independent ambulance service. 


So don’t let that special someone miss out. Whether they are seven or seventy, we provide a sensitive and supportive service tailored to suit their exact needs. 


Get in touch to find out more about how your loved one can share your Treasured Moments on your Wedding Day.